Fire Suppressions

Clean Agent Suppression Systems


  • ARGONITE Fire Suppressions Systems
  • INERGEN Fire Suppression System

HALOCARBON Fire Suppressions Systems

  • FM-200 Fire Suppression System
  • NOVEC-1230 Fire Suppression System
  • ECARO Fire Suppression System

Carbon Dioxide Systems

  • High Pressure
  • Low Pressure in Mini-Bulk & Bulk Types

Fire Suppressions System

Restaurant Suppression Systems

Commercial Cooking Facilities

  • Single Agent (wet chemical)
  • Hybrid / Dual Agent

Industrial Suppression Systems

Industrial Risks

  • Dry Chemical Agent

Foam Fire System Products

Agent Concentrates

Class “B”

  • Aqueous Film-Forming Foams (AFFF)
  • Alcohol-Resistant Concentrates (ARC)
  • High Expansion Concentrate
  • Protein & Fluoro-Protein Concentrates (P & FP)
  • Freeze Protected Concentrates

Class “A”

  • Synthetic Concentrate (Silv-ex)

Systems Hardware

Proportioning Equipment

  • Ballanced Pressure Bladder Tank
  • Ballanced Pressure Pump Proportioner, w/Atmospheric Tanks
  • In-Line Balanced Pressure Pump Skid Proportioner, w/ Atmospheric Tank
  • Line Proportioners.
  • FireDos, Turbine Proportioner

Discharge Devices

  • Nozzles, Monitors, Chambers & Makers, Generators

Portable Fire Extinguisher

Hand Line Fire Extinguisher

  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Water Fire Extinguisher
  • Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
  • Kitchen #Class-K Fire Extinguisher

Mobile-Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

  • MobileCO2 FireExtinguisher
  • Mobile Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • Mobile Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • Mobile Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

Fire Detection & Security System


  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System


  • HSSD - High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (Aspirating Smoke Detection)


  • Gas Detector, Flame Detector, Open Path Gas Detector, PLC Controller


  • CCTV, Scurity System, Honeywell
  • Smoke – Flame CCTV Fire Detection, Bosch

Fire Truck, Portable Fire Pump

  • Industrial and Airport FIRE TRUCK
  • Trailer Mounted Fire Pump
  • Portable Fire Pump, Gasoline or Diesel Engine
  • Compresses Air Foam Systems (CAFS)

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Portable Fire Monitor
  • Industrial Fire Monitor
  • Oscillating Fire Monitor
  • Fire Hose Box
  • Hydrant Pillar, Cast Iron
  • #366 Hand Line Nozzle, 1.5 Inch
  • #368 Hand Line Nozzle, 2.5 Inch
  • Fire Hose, 2.5 Inch and 1.5 Inch
  • Fire Suit, Coverall
  • Remote Fire Monitor, Jetty Fire Protection

Water Mist Fire System

  • High Pressure Water Mist System
  • Low Pressure Water Mist System

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